June, 2019 - The screenplay adaptation of my novel The Method that I mentioned I was working on in December was just announced as a semi-finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Hollywood competition. This isn't the first piece of good news for this adaptation, as an early draft received two rated reviews of 7 on The Black List.
Also this month, The Method (novel) was featured in a Top 10 list among such big names in horror as (gasp) Sarah Langan and Brian Keene! You can check out the full article here: 10 Spine-Tingling Horror Books That Will Zero in on Your Darkest Fears.
December, 2018 - Plenty of exciting news to share on the writing front. Recently the screenplay adaptations of my novellas Ebenezer and Wildfire have been doing quite well on the competition circuit. Ebenezer was announced to have made the semi-finals in this year's Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition. And Wildfire was a quarter-finalist in this year's BlueCat Screenplay Competition. This is great news, as they are two of the most fierce screenwriting competitions in the world, and many winners have gone on to successful screenwriting careers. I'm pretty proud of them and would love to some day see these scripts on the big screen or small someday, but it's great just to know that I'm improving with the craft of screenwriting after all these years hacking away at it. I'm currently working on adapting my thriller The Method for next year's contests, and toying with the idea of adapting Where the Monsters Live into a feature film script (or possibly a television pilot) as well.

In addition to this my first novel, Salvage, is a semi-finalist for the Kindle Book Awards. While the other contests are already finished, this one is still in full-swing, with the next round to be announced on October 1st, and the winners on November 1st. It was an honor just to be nominated but to have made it to the semi-finals was a special treat.


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