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Something is lurking under the lake...

Thirty years ago, the town of Peace Falls was flooded to build a hydroelectric dam. To this day, its ruins remain below the surface of Chapel Lake - including the church, miraculously undamaged after all these years, its steeple visible above the water.

Following the death of his younger sister, Owen Saddler travels to Chapel Lake to find out how Lori, an experienced diver, could have drowned on such a simple dive. And why she would have been diving at night. Alone and so close to the church.

Disturbing visions of a man dressed in black plague Owen - a religious man he seems to vaguely remember. Is the man related to Lori's death? Or is his subconscious trying to tell him something?

Suspecting foul play, Owen follows in his sister's footsteps to the cabin she'd rented on the water, and diving the ruins of the town beneath the water. Soon he's caught up in a decades-old mystery of the religious mania that divided the town in the late-'70s, and the sudden disappearance of Reverend Crouch and several of his parishioners--a mystery the citizens of Chapel Lake had hoped would stay submerged beneath the water, in the ghost town below.


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