"Builds steadily and really picks up to a breakneck pace for the final mile."SCREAM the Horror Magazine


How hard would you fight for the one you love?


ter a prolonged illness, Frank and Linda's marriage has begun to fray at the edges. When old friends tell them about an unconventional couples therapy retreat called The Method, they jump at the chance to attend. One last attempt to stay true to their wedding vows - 'til death do they part.

Run by the enigmatic Dr. Kaspar, Lone Loon Lodge is a secluded resort deep in the Montana wilderness. The staff is friendly. The other couple joining them is intense. But when a neighboring militia accidentally shoots one of the guests, they seize control of the retreat, claiming sovereignty over the land and holding guests and staff hostage.

With events quickly spiraling out of control, Frank and Linda realize the only people they can trust are each other, and they must work together to survive. Nothing is what it seems at Lone Loon Lodge, and only one thing is certain: Love Is Pain.


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