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Deadite: Danika Meyerson  Makeup/FX: @tempetownmike (Instagram)

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THE MOVING HOUSE - A short story prequel to the terrifying GHOSTLAND Trilogy, from Duncan Ralston.

WHERE THE MONSTERS LIVE - A man abadons his wife and daughter, going undercover in a sex offender colony to seek revenge against the monster who abused his child.

//END USER - A conspiracy theorist receives eerily personal emails that may be much more than they seem.

HOW TO KILL A CELEBRITY - Annie Watkins's new job editing celebrity "standbys" may literally be murder.

BUS DRIVER MAN - School bus driver Mr. McAllister takes matters into his own hands when a bully crosses the line.

DEAD MEN WALKING - On  "Z Block," everyone is a dead man walking - even the guards. They just don't know it yet.

SCAVENGERS - Successful restaurant owners commit a horrific act of violence - and only their neighbor knows the truth.

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The chilling prequel to GHOSTLAND.

Garrote House has seen its share of blood. Since Christopher's ancestor Oliver Hedgewood built the house in the 1800s, many spirits have taken up residence in "the Moving House," including horror author Rex Garrote, who'd burned to death in his private library. Christopher Hedgewood and Sara Jane Amblin, inventor of the Recurrence Field, return to Garrote House one final time before it's relocated to Ghostland.

They've both witnessed its ghosts many times. But neither of them have come at night, when the Moving House's most dangerous hauntings come alive.

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