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Money. Murder. Humbug.

John Wick meets Charles Dickens in this gripping noir crime thriller.

After assassinating the developer of the 3 Gh05t5 virus intended to cripple the economy, hitman Ebenezer Scrooge is forced by Jake Marley - the mentor he murdered - to reevaluate the choices that led him to work for the Bleak House Syndicate. As Ebenezer delves deeper into his own past, will he find redemption or be damned to relive brutal childhood traumas for eternity?

On Black Friday, the lines between Good and Evil, hero and villain blur in this gripping modern crime thriller adaptation of Charles Dickens's timeless classic, A Christmas Carol.


"Builds steadily and really picks up to a breakneck pace for the final mile." - SCREAM: the Horror Magazine

How hard would you fight for the one you love?

After a prolonged illness, Frank and Linda's marriage has begun to fray at the edges. When old friends tell them about an "unconventional therapy retreat" called The Method, they jump at the chance to attend. One last attempt to stay true to their wedding vows. Till death do they part.

Dr. Kaspar's Lone Loon Lodge is a secluded resort deep in the Montana wilderness. The staff is friendly. The other couple joining them is intense. But when one of the guests is murdered events quickly spiral out of control, leaving Linda and Frank unable to trust anyone but each other.


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"WILDFIRE is a gripping small-town crime story that would appeal to fans of movies like THREE BILLBOARDS,


You can only push a mother so far.

Bo Lowery and her ten-year-old son have hunted the woods surrounding their Alaskan home for as long as Caleb can remember. What they don't eat themselves, they sell to local businesses, using every part of the animal. Disgusted by the wolf cull, pop megastar Rainey Layne and her bodyguard Darius travel to Bo's small town to join a growing group of animal activists.

After Bo and Rainey clash during the protest, Rainey pulls mother and son headfirst into her manic, self-absorbed world when she crashes her car on their land. Soon, she finds herself their unwilling guest. But in the age of instant communication, celebrities can't just disappear without the whole world demanding them found.

Detective Lucy Okalik from the Alaska Bureau of Investigations's Major Crimes Unit takes the case, using her keen insight to track Layne down, whatever the cost.

In a violent showdown between hunter and activist, tensions within the Lowery household are dragged into the light as Detective Okalik closes in on Rainey's location. Both kidnapper and captive harbor dark secrets. But Rainey Layne will learn just how far a mother pushed to the edge will go to protect her child.

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"An absolutely brutal novella that had me squirming in my chair." - Hunter Shea, author of We Are Always Watching

How far would you go for revenge?

When a six-year-old girl is abused and left for dead by a pedophile known only as the "Rabbit Man" due to the claw marks left on her body, police follow every lead but reach only dead ends.

Hungry for justice, her grieving father abandons wife and child on a harrowing journey deep undercover into Miami's sex offender colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. His purpose is simple: to find the "Rabbit Man" among them, and put him in the ground.

Months later, with no one to trust and the pedophiles he lives among growing suspicious of his actions, he learns nothing is simple where the monsters live.


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