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a horror collection

"Intelligent, character-driven horror tales." - Jack Ketchum, author of The Girl Next Door

Short and novella-length horror from the twisted imagination of Duncan Ralston.


BABY TEETH - After doctors tell her she can't be pregnant, Candace learns that not every child is a gift.


VIRAL - A reporter uncovers what really happened to the latest internet sensation, a troubled girl who disappeared on camera.


ARTIFACT (#37) - Gonzo pornographers learn a brutal lesson following a tragedy they inadvertently caused when life imitated "art."


//END USER - Anti-social conspiracy theorist Mason Adler’s life is turned upside-down when he begins receiving eerily personal and prophetic spam that could be heralding the Apocalypse.


BEWARE OF DOG - Disgraced veteran Dean Vogel returns to his small town home only to confront the bulllies, and an incident of brutal violence, from his past.


FAT OF THE LAND - A couple discovers the secret of a tourist town's prosperity may lie in its sinfully delicious cuisine. 


SCAVENGERS - When successful restaurant owners Jim and Leanne Taymor confess to a grisly series of small town murders, their neighbor learns the gruesome truth that led them to kill. In Knee High, Nebraska, someone–or something–has been stalking household pets in the dead of night… but would they rather be hunting us?

Originally published by Booktrope/Forsaken.

Popshifter Best Book of 2014


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