In Every Dark Corner

a horror collection



Horror, tragedy and comedy collide in the third diabolical collection of horror from Duncan Ralston, author of Ghostland and WOOM, featuring the stories:

Head - A hitman takes a flight with his latest victim's severed head in a bowling bag.

The Boats - A rich man takes a twisted form of revenge on the man sleeping with his wife.

Prick - A sentient appendage terrorizes an apartment complex.

The Burden - A scientist pushes much further than she should while researching a way to communicate with her father despite his debilitating disease.

The Passion of the Robertsons - A religious couple kidnap an atheist to teach him the true meaning of Christmas, no matter how hard he struggles.

Where the Monsters Live (a novella) - A father goes undercover in a sex offender colony seeking revenge on the man who abused his daughter.

Imaginary Monsters (a screenplay) - A psychologist moves to the small town of Dark Pines, where his patients' inner demons manifest as terrifying monsters in reality.

Take an unforgettable journey into a world of nightmares. But be warned... you can't unsee what you'll find in the dark.

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© 2018 by Duncan Ralston

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