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You are cordially invited to join jet-setting financier/philanthropist Emory Jackman and his very special guests at the world's most exclusive party on Little Pearl Island!
Everyone who's anyone wants to be seen at one of Emory Jackman's legendary parties, from royalty to politicians, tech billionaires to Instagram models.

But something sinister is happening on Little Pearl. Journalist Sven Olsen has heard rumors about the Jackmans trafficking young girls, and a secret auction joined by the rich and famous. He's been invited under the pretense of writing a profile about Emory and his mysterious wife, Tess, and will do just about anything to get the scoop.

The crew and staff are unaware, including young porter Gabe Zimmer, who falls for Clarissa Hurst, a stowaway looking for her long-lost twin sister. Security is hunting her, but when the two discover what's in the crates heading to the island, they realize they're in a lot more trouble than they think.

Because it's not just parties, perverts or a prison cell awaiting them on Little Pearl. A creature lurks there, eager for his children to get their first taste of blood, and awaken him from his long slumber.

When they do, the payback will be legendary.


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