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an extreme horror novella

A Brand-New Extreme Horror Novel From the Twisted Mind That Brought You Woom.


"The book switches effortless from pitch-perfect satire and SOUTH PARK-style skewering of everything in sight to tense, bloody, and incredibly painful horror." - MATT SHAW, author of Man, Fuck This House.


Revenge is on the program at this year's Splatterfest convention!

Horror authors, critics and fans from all over the world have gathered to share stories, enjoy each other's company, and to take part in the yearly Gross Out contest, a fan favorite.

But some attendees have arrived with ulterior motives. Clay Kayden, whose story at the last in-person Gross Out contest got him "canceled," wants to tear down the convention from the inside. Moira Mead is desperate to impress her favorite horror director, who's promised to option a story based on the weekend's readings. And Clay's former mentor, Guest of Honor David Ennis, just wants to find his muse again… no matter the cost.

In a weekend filled with violence and horror, no one will be spared from trauma, and only one author can reign supreme.


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Gross Out Ebook Final.png