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Some people have asked how they can support my work outside of buying and reviewing my books, liking and commenting on social media, telling their horror-loving friends about me, etc etc. I'm not a big fan of Patreon as it feels like dancing on a street corner for pocket change, so I decided I would give Ko-Fi a try. It's a simple to use site where you can "tip" me a buck or two, if you are so inclined. I guess if I had to apply a similar analogy I would say Ko-Fi is more like giving me a buck so I could get something from the vending machine because I didn't bring any money to work today. I usually get the Munchies mix, if you're wondering.

Also, you may not have been aware that I run the small press, Shadow Work Publishing, where all of my current books are now published. If you enjoy any of my work, you may also like some of the books I've helped put out into the world!


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