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Horror thriller novella Where the Monsters Live free with sign-up!

THE MOVING HOUSE - A short story prequel to the terrifying new novel GHOSTLAND, from Duncan Ralston.

WHERE THE MONSTERS LIVE - A man abadons his wife and daughter, going undercover in a sex offender colony to seek revenge against the monster who abused his child.

//END USER - A conspiracy theorist receives eerily personal emails that may be much more than they seem.

HOW TO KILL A CELEBRITY - Annie Watkins's new job editing celebrity "standbys" may literally be murder.

BUS DRIVER MAN - School bus driver Mr. McAllister takes matters into his own hands when a bully crosses the line.

DEAD MEN WALKING - On  "Z Block," everyone is a dead man walking - even the guards. They just don't know it yet.

SCAVENGERS - Successful restaurant owners commit a horrific act of violence - and only their neighbor knows the truth.

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